Oral Health - eLearning

This course is suitable for all staff within a care setting who are involved in day to day caring for service users with a wide range of needs and wishes. The course promotes the need for good oral hygiene amongst service users, especially the elderly, and the impact that oral hygiene has on general health.

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By the end of this unit you will be able to:

  • Highlight the need for a healthy lifestyle to maintain good oral hygiene
  • State what best practice looks like for cleaning natural teeth
  • State what best practice looks like when cleaning dentures
  • Understand the need for regular dental check-ups, especially for those with special medical considerations
  • Understand the different types of adapted aids used in teeth cleaning
  • Know how to assist service users in cleaning their teeth


Course Content

  • Healthy lifestyle and Oral Hygiene
  • Natural teeth – best practice
  • Dentures – best practice
  • Visiting the dentist
  • Tooth brushing techniques using adapted aids
  • Assisting with toothbrushing