Reporting and Recording - eLearning

This course provides knowledge of how to accurately document and record care that is given in a care setting. In doing so, it provides an understanding of the process, and formulation of person-centred care plans. It also offers an understanding of the Data Protection Act to enable care staff to maintain confidentiality within the workplace.

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By the end of this unit on the principles of manual handling and practice you will be able to:


  • List the types of documentation used in health and social care
  • Maintain accurate recording documents
  • Demonstrate effective written communication skills
  • Discuss the impact of poor documentation on care provision
  • Identify documentation errors
  • Discuss the Data Protection Act in relation to your role
  • Discuss the concept of confidentiality
  • Identify the process’s involved with person-centred assessment and the development of care plans


Course content


This course covers the following topics:

  • Overview of the Data Protection Act
  • Principles of confidentiality – The Caldicott Report
  • Person consent
  • Importance of record keeping
  • Guidelines on documentation
  • Audit
  • Errors in documentation and their outcomes
  • Person-centred care