Safe Handing of Medicines Level 2 - eLearning

This course highlights the variety of medication health and social care staff work with, how these are classified and what legislation exists in relation to them. It also covers the different roles and responsibilities undertaken when using medication and with this the need for good practice when supplying, storing and disposing medication. In addition, it covers the safe administration of medicines including, what to do when problems arise and the requirement of accurate documentation and record keeping.

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By the end of this unit you will be able to:


  • State different types of medication and their classifications
  • Understand medications and prescriptions
  • Supply, storage and disposal of medication
  • Understand the requirements for the safe administration of medication
  • Record keeping and audit process for medication
  • Highlight what the law says in relation to medication
  • Understand different people’s responsibilities


Course Content

  • Why are medicines used
  • Common groups of medication
  • Legal classifications of medicines
  • The consequences of not following legislation
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • The purpose of perscriptions
  • Storing medication safely
  • Medication with specific storage requirements
  • Procedures for the safe disposal of medication
  • Supporting individuals to take medicine
  • Administering medication
  • Gaining consent
  • MAR Chart
  • Hygiene precautions
  • Errors relating to administering medication
  • Monitoring side effects
  • Dealing with adverse reactions
  • Auditing stock levels
  • Recording the receipt and administration
  • Good record keeping
  • Confidentiality